Redline Engineering
We're Engineering for the Future

With global reach and world-class skills, Redline Engineering is a one-stop integrated engineering solution that utilizes traditional engineering practices alongside state-of-the-art technology to deliver innovative, cost-effective results.

What distinguishes Redline Engineering from other firms is our flexibility, enabling us to handle multi-dimensional, large-scale assignments and long-term relationships worldwide.

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Sulfur Engineering Solutions
A Division of Redline Engineering

Sulfur Engineering Solutions (SES) provides advanced sulfur engineering training and consulting services. We specialize in the design of new sulfur recovery facilities as well as the retrofit of existing spaces. more...

3D Laser Scanning Solutions
A Redline Engineering Service

Redline Engineering offers our powerful 3D Laser Scanning Technology as part of our full-service engineering 'tool kit.' This technology combined with our engineering expertise, provide benefits to cost, safety and risk mitigation. more...